Meeting Schedule

Please Remember:

  • “Presenters” (Exhibitors) set up a display promoting their business on tables outside of the meeting room. “Speakers” greet guests and members before the meeting and then speak about their business during the meeting.
  • Presenters and Speakers should arrive no later than 7:15 a.m to set up the room. Speakers should greet all members and guests as they arrive and make sure the brochures, name tags and sign-in sheet are available for guests. Presenters should be available to answer any questions regarding his/her services/products/wares until 7:50 a.m.
  • Speakers to give 10 – 12 minute presentations during meeting.
Date Presenter Greeter Speaker
11/1/19 Cancelled Cancelled
11/8/19 Johnson Assoian
11/15/19 Dickson Johnson
11/22/19 Ermentrout Dickson
11/29/19 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
12/6/19 Piazza Ermentrout
12/13/19 Kuder Piazza
12/20/19 No Meeting No Meeting
12/27/19 No Meeting No Meeting
1/3/20 Ardelean Kuder
1/10/20 Ahrens Ardelean
1/17/20 Derstine Ahrens
1/24/20 Montemuro Derstine
1/31/20 Round Table Round Table